What is the name of the new term of sexy underwear?

What is the name of sexy underwear?

With the development of the times, the sex underwear industry has also been continuously updated and changed, and various new product styles and new terms have emerged.Among them, we hear some new vocabulary, what do we mean?So, what is the name of sexy underwear?Below, let’s analyze the new words in sexy underwear.

1. Charm vest

Charm vest is a sexy underwear style, which is suitable for women who want to highlight the beautiful curve on the back and chest.This vest is usually made of soft materials such as lace, mesh, tulle.Charm vests can fit the body comfortably and form excellent visual effects with the perfect flesh.

2. Plane underwear

Flat -angle underwear is a more traditional sexy underwear sales style.It is characterized by classic style, suitable for women of different ages, especially some mature women.Compared with some innovative and fashionable sexy underwear, flat -angle underwear is more comfortable and low -key.

3. Sex earrings

Although the fun earrings are not clothes, it is very popular as the jewelry of sexy underwear.The original design was to increase the interaction of the foreplay and let women wear sex earrings to attract the attention of their partners.Now, not only does the fun earrings have richer design and manufacturing technologies, they can also be used as an independent accessories.

4. Sexy bellyband

Sexy bellyband is a very popular, sexy sexy underwear sales style.It can prevent excessive chest parts, which visually enhances the sexy charm of women.The bellyband may include some modifications and decorations, such as sequins, diamonds, lace, lace, and so on.Make the product more fashionable and chic.

5. Interesting pantyhose

Interest pantyhose is also very popular in the sales of sexy underwear.It is suitable for women who want to have the pursuit of sexy, fashionable, quality and patterns.Compared with the separate pantyhose, fun pantyhose has a stronger sexy degree and the advantages of the PC, so that women can not only meet their own needs, but also bring more sense of enjoyment to potential partners.

6. ultra -thin breasts

This sexy underwear is to make the chest feel more comfortable and natural.The thinner fabric and structure make the ultra -thin breasts make the chest look natural, and even look thicker, making the chest lines more perfect.At the same time, the sewing of the inner cup, strap and body of ultra -thin breasts is relatively small, so it can reduce some adverse effects and more comfortable.

7. Interesting skirt

Interesting skirts combine lace fabrics, tulle, mesh, and other solid materials to show the feminine curve, while ensuring its comfort, durability, and wearing it for a long time.Sex skirts are usually worn with other types of sexy underwear such as translucent or underwear suits to create a more sexy and personal effect.

8. Quotation suspender shirt

The fun suspender shirt is a design based on a thin shoulder strap and a large lace top design. The design of the hem of the hem of the hem of the lip beeper is suitable for the fluffy underwear kit with a very sexuality to create a perfect visual effect.Come to the ultimate sensory stimulus.

9. Interest toys

Sexual toys are usually a tool for replacing or providing additional stimulus to sexual behavior.Sex lingerie sales shops often show customers’ sex toys to increase the interaction between consumers and better promote product sales.These sexy toys can bring great happiness to a person or love partner.

10. Details

In general, the new vocabulary of the sexy underwear industry is emerging rapidly, and different consumers need different products, so the industry will launch new products and services according to the needs of customers.Of course, when buying sexy underwear, it is mainly based on the quality and guarantee, and it cannot ignore the alertness of the risk of passive purchases.

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