What is the item of a trademark underwear?

What is the trademark of sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a kind of sex category. It is widely used in the sexual atmosphere of sex, which can not only increase sexual interest, but also have a certain visual art effect.However, the sexy lingerie is really questioned by the trademark category, so which type of trademark category does sex underwear belong to?Next, we will answer it for you.

1. Sexual Type Category

The essence of erotic underwear is sex, so it is a sex category.This is also the fundamental reason why sexy underwear is generally considered to be pornographic or adult products.Many people mistakenly believe that sexy underwear belongs to the category of clothing, but in fact, in addition to decorative, sexy underwear is more important. It is more important.

2. Adult products category

Although the design style and style of sexy underwear are somewhat similar to traditional underwear, but the nature and purpose are completely different, so sexy underwear can also be regarded as a type of adult supplies.Adult products refer to products related to adults, and sexy underwear is exactly in line with this definition.

3. Entertainment service category

Interest underwear can not only be sold as a product, but also a form of entertainment services.For example, it is common for some fun -themed hotels, yachts and other places to provide sexy underwear shows, model display and other activities.

4. Clothing category

Although sexy underwear is a sex category earlier, from the appearance point of view, these products still have the characteristics of certain clothes.Therefore, in some scenarios, sexy underwear can also be classified as clothing categories.

5. Personal care category

For some sexy underwear with health functions, such as massage functions, hot compresses and other products, these products are not only beneficial to human health, but also increase the stimulus during sex. Therefore, such products can also be classified as personal carecategory.

6. Brand category

When a company produces and sells sexy underwear, the trademark of the company is naturally related to sexy underwear.Therefore, sexy underwear can also be regarded as a brand category.

7. Home Approval Category

Sexy underwear can be used as a decoration in the home environment, such as human sculptures, pillows and so on in family furnishings.These products are not used for sex occasions, but they are hinting on sex, so they are also related to sexy underwear.

8. Creative Products Category

Some strange and novel sexy underwear are not designed for practicality, but for the purpose of art, so such products can also be classified as creative products categories.For example, Moraine Lake, a company that produces mountains, has been sought after by many people based on strange design and visual effects.

in conclusion

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the trademark category of sexy underwear is not fixed. It not only belongs to the category of sex, adult supplies and clothing, but also can be used as entertainment services, personal care, brands, home supplies and creative products, etc.EssenceHowever, in general, the most basic trademark category of sexy underwear is sex category.

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