What is a man who sends sexy underwear?

What is a man who sends sexy underwear?It is rare to dare to choose to send sex underwear to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or birthday.In fact, for many men, it is very difficult to buy sexy underwear, because most of them do not know the characteristics of these clothes.Well, this article will discuss how men should choose a sexy underwear that suits their girlfriends.

Paragraph: Understand love lingerie

First, you need to understand the concept of love underwear.Interest underwear is cute, sexy and eye -catching underwear or coat, which can meet the different needs of each woman.Some sexy underwear is fancy or printing, which can be paired with underwear. At the same time, some women can play a special role after wearing it, such as absorbing sweat, adjusting the fragrance, and making up for the defects of the body.

Section 2: Size is the key

Before sending love underwear, men need to understand the size of their girlfriend.Due to the different figures, some people may wear large sizes, but in most cases, women pre -selected less sizes of underwear.An error selection about the size will completely destroy a chance to give gifts, so men should measure the accurate size of their girlfriends.

3rd paragraph: Choose the right underwear style

It is important to choose a style suitable for girlfriends.In the market, there are many types of sexy underwear: bikini+suits, perspective, pajamas suits, vest sets, underwear suits, etc.Each sexy underwear represents a different expression, a different feminine charm.Men can observe their girlfriend’s usual clothes and find styles that match their girlfriend style.

Fourth paragraph: Choose the right color

In addition to styles, the color is also very important, because different colors can produce different visual effects, and some colors can even make people feel depressed or dull.When choosing colors, men should choose colors that girlfriends usually like, such as black, red, purple and so on.

Paragraph 5: Understand the material

The material of sexy underwear is also very important.Although some sexy underwear may look very beautiful, the quality is often poor. Therefore, men must judge whether the quality of the underwear is good, and at least it is soft, breathable and comfortable material.

Section 6: Understand the price

When buying sexy underwear, it is best to choose according to your own budget.The expensive erotic underwear may be more fashionable, but it may not be able to meet the needs of girlfriends.In fact, the price is not the key, the key is to meet the needs of girlfriends.Of course, if your budget is not enough, consider some more reasonable sexy underwear.

Seventh paragraph: Choose a challenge

When men send love underwear, you can choose some challenging styles, but you must also consider it carefully.After all, this may make the other party feel uncomfortable or dislike.

Paragraph eighth: Consider your girlfriend’s wishes

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you must understand the wishes of your girlfriend.If you do not obtain your girlfriend’s consent in advance, it may cause unnecessary bad results.If men are not sure if their girlfriends like sexy underwear, they can ask tentatively and get some reference opinions.

in conclusion:

When choosing sexy underwear, you need to consider multiple different factors, such as color, style, material, price, etc.However, the most important thing is to meet the needs of girlfriends.Men should notice this to choose a sexy underwear that meets themselves and his girlfriend.

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