What irritating sexy underwear anime


The growing purchasing power and spiritual liberation have spawned the demand for sexy underwear.The most sought -after is the exciting sexy underwear, which can bring a strong visual and psychological impact to the wearer and admirers.Today, we will introduce some irritating sexy underwear anime.

Pokemon Ibrahima’s sexy underwear

This anime and sexy underwear is inspired by the legendary pocket monster Ibrahimovic. It uses cat ears and tails as decoration. With a close -fitting design, after making women put it on it, it instantly transforms into a cute cute girl, full of playful vitality.

New Century Evangelion’s Infusion Underwear

The sexy underwear of the heroine zero in the new century gospel warrior is known as "hunter outfit". It is simple and sexy. With black as the main color, it reveals a unruly and mysterious atmosphere, so that women get one after wearing it and get a one after wearing it.Confidence and noble.

Marvel Black Widow’s sexy underwear

Black tights and gold belts are the most iconic dress of black widow.This sexy underwear uses a similar design. The tight top with a metal belt outlines the curve of women, reminiscent of the heroic Marvel heroine.

One Piece Robin’s sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is inspired by Robin, the female character in One Piece, with black and green deployment, retro and fashionable.The top is a tight black long sleeve with a wave -shaped green lace on the lower swing. After making women put it on it, it looks not only sexy and mysterious.

Saint Seiya’s sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is inspired by tall and high eyeliner. It uses dark purple tones and decorated with grass blue lace.The tight top design is extremely complicated, embroidered with embroidery patterns on it, making women look beautiful, noble and sexy.

Sailor Moon’s sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is designed based on the red soldiers of the beautiful female soldiers. The top is a red tight vest with a blue bubble dress.After women put on it, they can instantly transform into a noble and charming beauty soldier.

Galaxy Railway 999 sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is inspired by the heroine in the Milky Way Railway 999. The top and sleeve are designed to be dark blue. Below is the black elegant and sexy wave -shaped lace.The temperament of this sexy underwear is fresh and elegant, suitable for wearing in family parties or dating.

Witch’s Story of the Story of the Story of the Story

This erotic underwear is inspired by Witch’s Story. The top is white silk texture, and the hem is black lace decoration.With black satin skirts and black socks, women seem to feel mysterious oriental atmosphere after wearing it.

Forest prince’s sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is inspired by the prince of the forest. The top is pink silk texture, and the hem is green lace decoration.With a pink skirt and white socks, after wearing it, women will become a cute elf walking in the forest.


The above are some exciting erotic underwear anime recommendations.Whether you want to change or flirt, or to do some creative services for your partner, these sexy underwear can meet your needs.Put on them, enjoy sexy, relax and challenge your pleasure!

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