What happens if you don’t accept sexy underwear

Why not accept sexy underwear will affect yourself

As a necessity for modern women, sexy underwear can show the charm and sexy of women, and it is very helpful in both emotional life and sleep.However, some people have conflicts with sexy underwear, thinking that this is a vulgar expression.So what happens if you don’t accept sexy underwear?

Emotional life

Interest underwear plays a very important role in emotional life.This is not only because it can make women more sexy and charming, but also because wearing sexy underwear, which will increase the taste and change of sexual life, and enrich emotional life.If you do not accept erotic underwear, it is likely to affect the quality of emotional life.

Miss more choices

Not accepting erotic underwear is equivalent to rejecting more choices.There are many types of sexy lingerie styles, and different types, colors, and fabrics can meet different needs.When choosing to refuse sex underwear, you will miss more choices and opportunities for you.

Inhibit your sexy expression

Interest underwear allows women to show their sexy charm, which is a very confident and beautiful expression.If you don’t choose to wear a fun underwear, you will suppress your sexy performance and make yourself lose beauty and confidence.

Sleep quality is poor

In addition to the effect of emotional life, sexy underwear also has many benefits during sleep.For example, you can reduce physical friction, protect your chest, improve sleep quality, etc.If you refuse to wear fun underwear, you will miss these benefits, and the quality of sleep will be varied.

Concept of solidification

Do not accept erotic underwear to solidify your thoughts and ideas within a certain traditional range, and is unwilling to accept more changes and new things.But the times are developing, and society is progressing. If there is no openness and tolerance, it will be difficult to adapt to this era.

Waste a good life

Properly wearing erotic underwear can make women feel more beauty and happiness, which is a way of enjoying life.In life, if you reject this way of enjoying life, you will waste a lot of good life experience.

Lack of personalized expression

Interest underwear represents a personalized and unique expression.Wearing sexy underwear can show your own personality and style, making you appear more conspicuous in the crowd.If you do not accept erotic underwear, you will lack this personalized expression.

Ignore health factors

Wearing erotic underwear is not simply for whitening and sexy.In terms of matching and materials, we must also pay attention to the health protection of your own body.If you do not accept sex underwear, you will ignore these healthy factors and ignore the protection of your body.


In summary, not accepting erotic underwear has a lot of negative effects on women themselves. Only with the more open, free, and aesthetic ideas can we have a more complete, authentic and diverse life.

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