What does a boyfriend mean to buy sexy underwear?

What does a boyfriend mean to buy sexy underwear?

When your boyfriend suddenly proposes to buy sexy underwear for you, you may feel some hesitation and restlessness.But in fact, this may mean many things, it is worthy of our in -depth understanding.

1. He wants your relationship to be closer

Sexy sexy underwear often has the effect of enhancing the intimacy between couples.If your boyfriend buys sexy underwear for you, this may be his desire to express closer to you.

2. He wants to try new things with you

Many men want to keep pioneering and trying novel sexual experiences.In this case, buying sexy underwear may represent an expression. He hopes to try new sex toys or sex products with you to make sex life more colorful.

3. He thinks you are sexy and beautiful

Sexy underwear makes women more sexy and beautiful.If your boyfriend bought you sexy underwear, maybe because he thinks you are already very charming, and wearing sexy underwear can make you more moving.

4. He wants you to feel confident and happy

Women often feel confident and pleasant when wearing sexy sexy underwear.If your boyfriend buys you sexy underwear, you may want you to feel more confident and happy, thereby improving your sexual attractiveness.

5. He may be testing your reaction

Men usually pay more attention to women’s reactions.If your boyfriend buys a sexy underwear for you, it may be testing your reaction.If you can accept generously, he will feel more satisfied and assured.

6. He hopes your sex life is more colorful

Sexy sexy underwear can add various stimuli and fun to your sex life.If your boyfriend buys a sexy underwear for you, maybe you want to make your sex life more colorful, so as to increase the emotional adhesion between the two.

7. He wants to make surprises and romance for you

If your boyfriend gives you an unexpected surprise, maybe he wants to create romance for you.There is also this purpose for buying sexy underwear to make you feel romantic and happy, and at the same time make him more fulfilling and confident.

8. He may have his own hobbies and hobbies

In the end, we cannot rule out some men to buy sexy underwear just because we have some hobbies and hobbies.If your boyfriend is like this, you can consider communicating his ideas and needs with him so that the two are more harmonious.

In short, there are many possible reasons for my boyfriend to buy you sexy underwear. Don’t over -interpret the meaning behind it.The most important thing is to tender and accept his choice, add more fun and excitement to love.

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