What brand of sex lingerie is better

【Background Introduction】

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with women. In addition to increasing sexy charm, it can also bring more freshness to making fun.However, many brands and types are dazzling and inevitably confusing. I don’t know what brand to choose.

【Brand Recommendation】

The first Victoria’s Secret, this brand is the high popularity of underwear.Not only is it guaranteed in quality, but also a variety of styles and color choices are quite rich, which can meet different needs.Secondly, La Perla is also a leader in the field of sexy underwear. Super also has a unique design style, especially the style of silk and lace makes the temperament.

【Style selection】

For different needs, you can choose a variety of styles.If you want to increase the valley of the chest, you can choose a thickened cup and gathering underwear; and if you want to be more slender, you can choose a tight underwear with a waist.In addition, if you need to wear it at night, you should choose a more comfortable and breathable style.

【Size problem】

When choosing a sexy underwear, the size is a key issue.It should be calculated for its own bust, waist, buttocks and other indicators, and different fun underwear with different sizes may have different methods of wearing, and it should be confirmed during trial.

【Selection of color】

Color is an important part of sexy underwear. Different colors should be used according to skin color, clothes color and situation.The sexy lingerie of the light -colored series is suitable for white shirt girls in Europe, light green, light blue, light powder is a good choice; black sexy underwear is suitable for those with dark skin tone that is generally distinguished by the naked eye, such as dark brown or dark brown orBlack skin color.

【Buying Channel】

You can go directly to large underwear stores, because the sexy underwear purchased by these stores is generally purchased in regular channels.In addition, online shopping is also a convenient and fast purchase channel, but pay attention to the reputation and after -sales service of the website.

【Matching Tips】

Inside is an important match for sexy underwear, which can make the texture more outstanding.At the same time, it is also important to choose the right coat.For example, the choice of high waist styles to make the waist line appear thinner, while the off -the -shoulder style can make the sexy underwear exposed to greater the exposure.


Interest underwear is generally easy to be damaged and requires certain maintenance.When washing, you can wash or choose a professional cleaning shop. Use a neutral cleaner and wash with cold water.At the same time, we must avoid wearing sexy underwear when spraying perfume, so as not to have adverse effects on the material.

【Sexy and safe】

Sex underwear is designed to increase sexy charm, but while enjoying gender pleasure, do not ignore health and safety.Choose the material of environmentally friendly, non -toxic and harmless sexy underwear to ensure your own health.

【Last Summary】

In summary, selecting sex underwear should be considered according to its own needs, materials, color and matching.At the same time, we should also work hard to ensure the quality and comfort of sexy underwear.The most important thing is that while enjoying the pleasure of sex, we must also adhere to the principles of sexual health and safety.

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