What are the names of the sexy underwear?

What are the names of the sexy underwear?

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a kind of underwear that particularly focuses on showing the body curve. It is usually made of thin materials to make the figure show nothing. At the same time, it usually has sexy elements in design.Sexy underwear is also often used in passion and love, letting the body show.

2. SM supplies

SM supplies are underwear that can obtain sexual pleasure through the broken body, organizational constraints and restraints, usually including clothing, sofa, gloves and mouthball.SM supplies often require sufficient understanding and recognition in both parties, and need to be guaranteed in terms of security.

3. Interest pajamas

Fun pajamas are a kind of underwear that focuses on comfortable and sexy. It usually gives people a feeling of wearing pajamas, but in design, it will focus on switching purposes and keep people comfortable between rest and sex.At the same time, the decoration and pattern of sex pajamas make people feel very sexy and enhance the stimulus of eroticism.

4. Sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy -style underwear. It often uses some materials such as lace, silk, and apricot network to show the sexy side.Interest underwear can also stimulate eroticism, making people more sexy and charming in sex. At the same time, in some unrestrained places (such as nightclubs, bars, etc.), erotic underwear will also make people look sexy and confident.

5. SM set

The SM suit is a set of sexual orientation and sex toys, usually including constraints, sofas and other tools.This underwear is famous for its clear SM consciousness and sexy elements. You can experience the ultimate sexual pleasure through the SM game on the bed.

6. Fun bra

Interest bra is a kind of underwear that focuses on showing the chest. It often uses some sexy designs, such as lace lace, transparent molding, etc., making the chest more three -dimensional and lines.Interest bra can make women more sexy and confident, and also enhance the stimulus of sex.

7. Interest panties

Sexual underwear is a underwear that focuses on showing the lower body curve. It often uses some sexy designs, such as T -shaped pants, low -waist pants, etc., making women more sexy and charming.At the same time, the design of sexy underwear can also make sex life more exciting and easier to satisfy both parties.

8. Porn products

Porn products are a kind of supplies that are usually used to regulate moods or enhance sexual desire, and their types are not limited to underwear.Porn supplies include statues, massage instruments, emulators, etc., and even bath products such as perfume and candle.Porn supplies can be used to adjust sex life, making both sides happier and satisfied with sexual desire.

9. Interesting role -playing suit

Interesting role -playing clothing is a sexy underwear that enhances sexual stimulation by playing different characters. There are often different typical characters such as teachers, nurses, and police.More knowledge and skills.

10. Interesting gifts

Interesting gifts are a special gift for sexual partners, making the other party feel particularly important and attracted.There are some romantic lingerie, sexy toys, nail polish, perfume, bath supplies, etc.Interesting gifts are a good choice to enhance emotional communication and enhance love.

in conclusion

There are many names of sexy underwear, but no matter what the method is used, they all have a common feature: they can make sex life more exciting and pleasant.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different scenarios and sexual orientation. You need to choose according to your needs, and you must also pay attention to safety and comfort.The most important thing is that according to your own mind, you must make sex more fulfilling and fulfilling.

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