Wearing a wedding and sexy underwear was seen by the boss

Wearing a wedding and sexy underwear was seen by the boss

It is a very personal decision to wear sex underwear in work.Some people choose to wear, some people are unwilling, and others will choose to wear on specific occasions to express their love and confidence in themselves.However, if you accidentally see your sexy underwear by your boss or colleagues, there will be some embarrassing scenes.People in doctors and nurses in the industry, people in services such as retail and restaurants often encounter this problem because they have to wear uniforms, which makes it difficult for their personal decision to be close to the body.In this article, we will discuss some solutions seen by the boss or colleagues wearing a wedding sexy underwear.

Appropriate time and occasion

If you decide to go out in a wedding lingerie, we recommend that you make this decision at the right time and the right occasion.You can wear this underwear under special occasions such as gatherings, dating, romantic holidays, etc., so that your partner can pay more attention to and appreciate your wear.But in work, it is inappropriate to wear sexy underwear.

The problem of inappropriate sizes

The correct underwear size will make you more comfortable to wear without worrying about being discovered or unwell.If you choose a sexy underwear smaller than the actual size, it may hold your flesh and form an unsightly fat.Even in the real wedding or romantic date, this feeling is not good.Therefore, finding the right size is crucial to wear a wedding sexy underwear.

Appropriate bottom pants

The crotch of the underwear you wear may be lifted and shows it to the people who passes; this is obviously uncomfortable, and it will make yourself and others feel very embarrassed.At the same time, if you wear more transparent or high perspective, we recommend that you choose the matrix bottom pants or underwear.This can avoid the embarrassing scenes that are too clear.

Avoid clothing that shows sexy underwear

Avoiding too transparent clothes, this is too subjective for people in sexy underwear.We recommend choosing some clothes that are more simple.For example, coats, coats and sweaters, etc.

Security and private

Don’t forget, you must also consider safety and confidentiality when wearing wedding sexy underwear.Even if you just wear sexy underwear, you must consider keeping privacy, avoiding peeping, pulling off, and being broken, so it is very important to keep your clothes.

Inappropriate behavior

Even if you decide to wear wedding underwear on work places, you must avoid doing inappropriate behaviors.You should not make anyone feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, angry or jealous.Of course, in work, you must restrain your emotions to ensure that your ability and skills can be used to the maximum.

Share with others

Honesty and frankness are the final solution to share your sexy underwear with others.You can choose to share between friends, but don’t do it in work.Although you may not know if wearing sexy underwear is suitable, you can try to tell your friends to get their feedback and opinions.

Make yourself beautiful

In the end, we think that wearing wedding sexy underwear is the most important thing to make you feel beautiful, not because of other people’s comment or criticism.Everyone should choose their clothing and underwear that they think are suitable for themselves, so as to maintain the most natural image.

Viewpoint: Wearing wedding sexy underwear can be a private decision, but if it is seen by others, it may suffer some unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.Therefore, it is very important to choose the appropriate size, color and fabric, and wear wedding sex underwear at the right time, occasion and environment.In any case, maintaining beauty and freedom is the most important.

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