Tune my wife wearing a sexy underwear

Tune my wife wearing a sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a weapon for enhancing sexual experience, but for some women, wearing sexy underwear may feel very embarrassing and disturbed.As a sexy underwear expert, it may be a challenge to teach your wife to wear sexy underwear, but as long as you follow the skills, she will start to enjoy such experience.

1. Find a style suitable for her

There are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as bras, even body underwear, lace panties, and so on.Before letting her start wearing these underwear, I suggest you find some styles suitable for her.Choosing sexy underwear that is consistent with her body will be more comfortable and confident.

2. Give her time

Do not force your wife to wear fun underwear.When you receive new sexy underwear, put it aside and expressed expectation that she can put it on.Don’t emphasize, let your female companion have time to think, and decide whether you want to wear sexy underwear.

3. Communicate with her carefully

Communication is a very important link.When she tried to wear a fun underwear, it was very important to tell her that she looked very sexy.If she feels uncomfortable, then you should communicate with her very carefully, find out the reasons for uncomfortable, and try to help her solve it.

4. Make her feel good at herself

When talking about sexual performance, she felt that she was beautiful and attractive.You can make some praise and encouragement to her, and help her find confidence and self -esteem.She felt very comfortable and was proud of the advantages of her body.

5. Choose the correct material

The material of sexy underwear is also a necessity.Some stimulating materials such as PVC are more suitable for exploring some serious and more active nights, and some soft and durable materials such as silk will be more suitable for daily wear.

6. Pay attention to the appropriate size

Be sure to pay attention to the size.Especially in sexy underwear, there are many common specifications like daily underwear, and often there are only one specifications for choice.If she is uncomfortable and the underwear is not tight, then this may cause her to not like sexy underwear.

7. Gentle and considerate

Wearing sex underwear may be difficult for some women, especially novice, it requires more considerate and time.Gentleness, understanding and sympathy are important; please understand that she may feel uncomfortable, maybe even embarrassment and sadness.

8. Arrange in advance

Arrangement in advance is also very important, because sexy underwear is more luxury, and they need some early investment.And sexy underwear is the most private clothes. You need to consider the situation of her receiving gift in advance, at least to ensure that the two of you are alone at home.


The coach’s wife wears a sexy underwear is a gentle process, which requires a lot of patience and consideration.Wearing erotic underwear is a way to help us better explore the life of love and gain a better sexual experience.It is important to make sure your female companion can feel comfortable and confident.

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