The tender model wearing a sex lingerie

Understand the affair

As a sexy, passionate and hot underwear, sexy underwear is loved by young women.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more equipped with some sexy elements, such as hollow, lace, perspective, etc., creating unique visual effects.

While showing their sexy models, they also look more confident and bold while expressing their sexy.Of course, for women who try to find erotic underwear for the first time, they also need to explore more, know more, and try more to find the most suitable style for them.

Different sexy underwear types

In addition to different styles, the type of sexy underwear can also be classified according to the degree of sex, comfort, and interest level.


In terms of sexy level, sexy underwear can be divided into a variety of types such as bikini, sling, corset, and jumpsuit.Among them, bikini is the most common type, suitable for women with most figures.Because of the most common cup -shaped design of the corset, the overall shape is more highlighted on the chest line, which is suitable for women with better chest shape.Jeans pay more attention to visual effects, and often make articles on the bottom design.


In terms of comfort, it can be divided into basic funds, professional models, etc.Basic models are often based on zero -pressure sensitivity and personal comfort, and professional models are strengthened to common parts. For example, more softer fabrics are used, which is more in line with the structure of ergonomics.

Sex level

In terms of fun level, sexy underwear has different levels.Low -level erotic underwear is relatively simple, such as bikini underwear; medium -level sexy underwear often uses leopard or lace elements such as leopard or lace, making the wearer more attractive; high -level sexy underwear pays more attention to the creation of atmosphere, such as with rope or leather leather.Products to improve the atmosphere.

Different underwear is suitable for women of different figures

Different figures need to choose different types of sexy underwear to create the best visual effects.


If you are a slim girl, you can consider taking a style of corset, perspective or buttocks.In addition, you can choose to add thin band or lace to your waist, which is more beautiful to wear.


If you are a plump girl, you can choose a fabric with better physical feel, such as elastic cotton and Modal.For women with too large chests, you can choose some better cups or bikini pants.


If you are short, you can choose a style that can increase the height of the body like a hood, long skirt, and suspender.At the same time, you can choose pants of the same color to create a matching effect.

Skills of sexy underwear

Fun underwear is often a very private fashion element for women.Whether it is single or matching, you need to pay attention to the following skills.

Single -wear technique

If you choose a sexy underwear that you want to wear very much, it is recommended to try it on at home to determine your comfort and self -confidence.In the case of comfort and self -confidence, you can directly participate in various parties and gatherings.

Matching skills

If you want erotic underwear to become the tender models that are noticeable, you can adopt some matching techniques.For example, you can use jumpsuits and tight skirts to match.For clothing colors, you can choose to match the color that is similar to the sexy underwear.The main points of color coordination are to make the overall clothing more coordinated and not attractive.

How to clean up sexy underwear

The cleaning requirements of sexy underwear are different from ordinary underwear, and they need to be more cautious.

General cleaning method

First of all, you need to take off your underwear, shake and slap, and remove the dust inside and outside.Then it is best to restore the pads on the surface of the cotton. You can choose a natural cleaning agent or a professional sterilization formula.Finally rinse with water.

Wash with a cleaning machine

You can put the water into the cleaning machine, and then follow the operating guide of the washing machine to put the sexy underwear in the cleaning machine and clean it, and set different washing procedures.However, it should be noted that the sexy underwear should not be washed with ordinary underwear, so it is necessary to reserve some time. After the sexy underwear is cleaned independently, then clean the ordinary underwear.


In short, the tender model wearing a sexy underwear is a very interesting experience.Whether in visual effects and atmosphere creation, it is a very interesting process.However, in -depth understanding and consideration of your body, style, and comfort need to be selected to choose the best sexy underwear and matching.

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