The paragraphs of online shopping sex underwear

Novice Xiaobai’s first online shopping sexy underwear

At the beginning of the sex underwear, how to choose and how to buy sexy underwear online.After watching the major e -commerce platforms, the dazzling people could not start.In the end, I was scared to choose a link given by a netizen who claimed to be experienced, and jumped into the vortex of purchase.

After receiving the goods, I found …

The moment I received the sexy lingerie, my eyes were on.However, from the logo on the packaging to the details of the underwear, the red flag cannot be obvious.Do you want to speak to let the courier brother face it?Forget it, think about it.

Try to wear it, and instantly understand the so -called "interest" that someone says

Put on a sexy underwear and feel everything OK.However, when I saw myself in the mirror, it turned red in front of my eyes.Sexy underwear is really amazing items, so that people have a new understanding of themselves.

Virtual trial benefits

I played on the virtual trial simulator, but let me know that my different sizes corresponding to the brand’s sexy underwear.Pretty thought, after all, not every younger sister likes to wear sexy underwear in the test room.

The old driver recommends, the crystal silk love set must be necessary

On this road, of course, it is necessary to be recommended by some old drivers.I heard a friend recommended a crystal silk suit before, and felt very good.Sure enough, the moment I received the goods, I felt worthwhile. If another one came, it would not surprise me.

Regarding the size, do you measure your body yourself more appropriately?

Who dares to guarantee that the size must be accurate?After all, the underwear is closely personal.It is more reliable to measure the size of the body accurately.

Remember that people are not available, comparing the comparison chart is important

The tailoring should be commonplace.There are some goods to hide the public, so when buying sexy underwear online, carefully comparing the map and text introduction are necessary.Shopping online, but it can be attracted. The outside routine map.

Online comments, you have to lose your ginseng half, choose cautiously

Many old drivers have written colorful comments on the Internet, but some comments may not be true.Get half of the information and losses, where to see, where is the point in the letter.Choose the appropriate scope of comment, don’t let the comments of others affect the mood and judgment.

Find your favorite platform and products, take more heart

The platforms on the market are all existed for business nature.Preferential information such as airborne discounts, spike suits, and full card coupons, check and compare carefully, will not be pitted.

Hundreds of ways to wear a sexy underwear, get rid of "trying to show off the wealth" embarrassment

Putting a fun underwear must not only play a role in bed.Careful matching, every occasion is applied to go to work, go out, go out, go out, go out for dating every occasion.Why not try to "try to show off their wealth", isn’t this a block?


Online shopping sex underwear depends on many references.Seeing the underwear in the phase, the limited time and limited buying should be built.Select the appropriate website, screen the product type according to your needs, and choose what you want to use according to customer evaluation.You can buy satisfactory sexy underwear and accessories.

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