The latest costumes and sexy underwear

The latest costumes and sexy underwear

Putting a messy underwear can instantly make women sexy and charming.In traditional culture, costumes and costumes carry strong cultural heritage and traditional aesthetics.Then, incorporating costume elements into sexy underwear will definitely bring a new visual and sensory experience.Below, let’s learn about the latest costumes and sexy underwear.

1. Fairy gauze skirt sexy underwear (H2)

Fairy gauze -style sexy underwear is a costume sexy underwear that has been highly respected in recent years.It is characterized by a thin and transparent gauze fabric, as if a layer of light gauze surrounds the body.Generally uses a tassel or chiffon fabric, allowing women to show the fairy -like temperament instantly.The skirt part is usually designed with fish tail, which can outline the curve more beautiful and charming.

Second, neon feathers and sexy underwear (H2)

The effect of the clothing -style sexy underwear is very visual.It uses fabrics similar to dance performance clothing. Through colorful feather decoration, women instantly transform women into gorgeous cranes.More creative designers, set the LED lamp belt in the uniform underwear, allowing women to become the focus of parties when wearing in the evening.

3. Hanfu -style sexy underwear (H2)

Hanfu is a traditional costume in Chinese culture, and Hanfang sexy underwear is a new type of women’s underwear that integrates Hanfu elements into underwear design.Hanfu’s sexy underwear usually adopts traditional printing or embroidery technology, with the characteristics of Tangfeng Han charm.At the same time, Hanfu’s sexy underwear has the characteristics of short -term and down, making women’s waist and chest even thinner.

Fourth, cleanliness sexy underwear (H2)

Clearance is a representative of traditional Chinese culture. It is suitable for men and women, and the style has noble atmosphere.Clear -style sexy underwear is the design of cleaning elements into the underwear design. It is usually decorated with blue and white porcelain patterns, inlaid beads and shellfish, and instantly dresses women into a classical and ethereal lady.

5. Wear gold and silver sexy underwear (H2)

Wearing gold and silver -style sexy underwear is a new type of women’s underwear that integrates jewelry into the underwear design.It usually uses elements such as metal silk or hollow lace, which is combined with sequins or jewelry to allow women to wear more luxurious aristocratic style in underwear.Many gold -dressed sexy underwear is also equipped with high -quality jewelry necklaces and bracelets, which has improved the visual enjoyment and sexy charm of the wearer.

Six, gossip skirt -style sexy underwear (H2)

Gossip skirt sexy underwear is a special female underwear inspired by gossip patterns.Its skirt is partially designed with a symmetrical flip design of the gossip pattern, which can better show the beauty and dynamic charm in sports.At the same time, the gossip skirt -style sexy underwear usually uses extremely transparent fabrics to cleverly combine the curve of the female body with the light.

Seven, pear blossoms with rain -type sexy underwear (H2)

Pear blossoms with rainy lingerie is a kind of sexy underwear inspired by ancient female literary image.The soft women’s beauty after the rain like pear blossoms can make any man love it.The design of pear blossoms with rain -type erotic underwear is characterized by overall transparency. It uses a large amount of raindrops and matte decoration of water droplets, making women look like a fresh rain forest when wearing it.

8. Fan -style sexy underwear (H2)

Fan has become a representative craft in traditional Chinese culture.Fan -style sexy underwear is a new type of underwear that integrates the fan element into the underwear design.Putting on a fan -style sexy underwear can make women have a more fresh charm and transparent feeling.Fan -style sexy underwear usually uses transparent light gauze fabrics, decorated with exquisite fan bone and carved patterns, so that women have a refined temperament and unique charm.

Nine, court -style sexy underwear (H2)

In ancient China, the clothes worn by the palace girls were usually exposed, but they were full of classical atmosphere.The court -style erotic underwear is a new type of women’s underwear that integrates court cultural elements into underwear design.It usually uses satin fabrics, decorated with decorative folds and flowers, as if putting women on a gorgeous silk cloak.

Ten, Golden Monkey Fen Style Love Underwear (H2)

Golden Monkey’s rising sexy underwear is a new type of women’s underwear that integrates the elements of the "Year of the Monkey" in traditional Chinese culture into the design of underwear.It usually cuts the fabric of monkey claws and is matched with monkey facial patterns, which instantly make women wear cute and cute.At the same time, the golden monkey’s rising sexy underwear also carefully designed the details of multiple monkey claws to swing thousands of autumn, allowing women to show more innocent and lovely atmosphere in addition to sexy.


The latest costumes and sexy underwear are absorbing inspiration from many traditional cultural elements and presenting the most beautiful side to women.Women put on these ancient dressing underwear, which can not only have a more vivid personalized beauty, but also enhance self -confidence and charm from psychologically, and become more confident and beautiful modern women.

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