Taobao sex underwear removal code

Taobao sex underwear removal code

There are many types of sexy underwear on Taobao, and different brands and different styles of sexy underwear can be seen everywhere.However, the sexy underwear on Taobao is different from the physical store underwear. The size is very chaotic.Many sexy underwear shops use different places, or the labeling is inaccurate, resulting in double difficulty when choosing.This article will help you solve the problem of Taobao sex lingerie removal.

1. Understand your body

Before buying sexy underwear, you should first understand your physical condition.For example, data such as bust, waist circumference, buttocks, etc. Only by understanding your body can you choose the appropriate size.

2. Flip the size table

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must check the size table provided by the merchant.However, sometimes the size table provided by the merchant is not accurate, and it is necessary to make manual conversion at this time.For example, some businesses provide a size table of foreign brands that need to be converted.

3. Pay attention to the comment area

When you choose a certain product, do not ignore the comment area under any circumstances.In the comments, you can not only understand the specific situation of this product, but also see the purchase experience and suggestions of other customers.Some evaluations will also mention size problems, so that you are more confident to buy.

4. Detailed page do not ignore

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao is very important for the details of the details page.In addition to basic brands, sizes and other information, some sexy underwear manufacturers will also provide very detailed size information in the details page, including fiber components and washing methods.

5. Use the body diagram provided by the store

In order to allow customers to better buy the right sexy underwear, some merchants provide a quantity diagram in the store.If you do n’t know how to measure the size, you can directly fill your own data to get on it to get the appropriate size.

6. Choose a business with after -sales

When buying sexy underwear, you should choose a merchant with after -sales service.Once there is a problem with the size, you can contact the merchant to solve it in time.

7. Consultation customer service before purchasing

If you still have no confidence when you buy sexy underwear, you can consult the business service related questions and ask the suggestions.Customer service will choose the right size for you according to your body and wearing habits.

8. Try more comparison

Finally, don’t just buy one sexy underwear.Because the size of different businesses is different, even the same sex underwear, the size in different merchants is different.Try more to compare and find the most suitable size.


Taobao sex lingerie removal code, we need to understand our physical condition, pay attention to the comment area, view the details page, use the body diagram provided by the merchant, and choose a merchant with after -sales service.Only in this way can we buy suitable sexy underwear on Taobao and experience a better dress.

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