Sexy underwear welfare number number

Sex underwear welfare number: make your sexy underwear more attractive!

With the change of the times, people’s expectations for underwear are getting higher and higher, and the inherent sexy style has become more and more popular.In order to make yourself more beautiful and sexy, now it is popular to use sexy underwear benefits.What is the number of sexy underwear benefits?How to use them correctly?In the following, we will introduce you in detail.

Sex underwear welfare number #1: Know what is sexy underwear welfare number number

The erotic underwear welfare number is a series of numbers and letter combinations for describing sexy underwear, lace style, size selection, and color.This number code is usually printed on underwear labels, which can help women quickly choose the sexy underwear they need.

Sex underwear welfare number #2: Learn different erotic underwear welfare numbers

Different erotic underwear welfare numbers represent different sexual characteristics.For example, the sexy underwear of lace decoration usually starts with "L", indicating that the texture texture usually begins with "M", indicating that the bray cup with "N" pattern is usually "n".Understanding these numbers is usually the key to buying sexy underwear.

Sex underwear welfare number #3: Know the color of the color

In sexy underwear welfare numbers, different colors are encoded in different letters.For example, "A" represents black and "B" represents red.This will help women quickly find their favorite colors.

Sex underwear welfare number #4: Understand the size number

Size of sexy underwear is usually represented by numbers, such as 80, 85, 90, etc.If the size is too small or too large, it can be adjusted appropriately according to the number letter.For example, "A" means a trumpet, "B" means large.

Sex underwear welfare number #5: Understand the washing logo

Sex underwear welfare number usually contains the washing logo of the underwear.Some underwear need to be washed by hand, and others can be put in the washing machine.The correct way of washing will make sexy underwear more durable.

Sex underwear Welfare Number #6: Understand the common sense of underwear maintenance

Interest underwear is made of high -end fabrics, so special attention is needed during use to protect them to better extend their service life.Underwear needs to avoid sunlight, try to wash with hand, and avoid using strong cleaners such as bleach.

Sex underwear Welfare Number #7: Underwear matching skills

The correct underwear matching technique is the key to wearing a perfect sexy style.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider factors such as your body size, color matching and matching.

Sex underwear welfare number #8: Welfare and suggestions when buying

When buying sexy underwear, you usually provide multiple choice nodes, choose the correct size and color, etc., which can set off your figure well.When buying, you can try different brands and different colors to build your own style choice.

Conclusion: Fun underwear welfare number is a weapon for enjoying wonderful and sexy days!

When choosing a sexy underwear, the correct use of sexy underwear welfare numbers will give us enough trust and convenience.Adding to your sexy underwear can make the underwear more attractive and reduce the bottom line of choice.Now, you know these basic information, you can choose your sexy underwear more confidently and show your figure!

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