Sexy underwear offensive and defensive

Sexy underwear offensive and defensive


As an emerging market, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with women.Having a sexy, comfortable and fitting sexy underwear is a pursuit of modern women.When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider the two aspects of offensive and defensive.Below, this article will introduce the problem of offensive and defensives of sexy underwear.

Attack: How to choose sexy underwear to make you more sexy?

Selecting sexy sexy underwear can not only increase your charm, but also reflects confidence.The following points can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Choose according to body: Different figures are suitable for different sexy lingerie styles. For example, women with slim figures can choose lace, hollow, perspective, and low -cut style to highlight the beautiful curve of the figure.

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Pay attention to details: The buttons, accessories, shoulder straps, design, fabrics, buckle, etc. are all factors that need to be considered.These details determine the quality and sexuality of sexy underwear.

Understand their own style: Different people have different styles.Some women like sweet and lovely sexy underwear, while others prefer sexy and bold styles.You can choose your style to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Shou: How to choose a comfortable sexy underwear?

Although sexy erotic underwear is very attractive, choosing suitable comfortable sexy underwear can make you relax when you wear.The following are several aspects that can help you choose the appropriate and comfortable sexy underwear:

Treasures of the size: bottom pants, bra, etc. need to choose the number that suits you according to your size, do not blindly follow the trend.

Selection of fabrics: The fabrics of sexy underwear are also divided into different types, and the advantages and disadvantages are different, such as soft and comfortable cotton, soft and skin -friendly nylon, and elastic fabrics.Select the corresponding fabric according to your own needs.

Skin texture: Some people have allergic reactions to specific fabrics, while others are sensitive to certain fabrics.Therefore, you must choose sexy lingerie according to your skin, sensitivity, and allergies.

European and American style: wearing fun underwear like European and American actresses?

In the European and American markets, sexy underwear is already a necessary fashion item.However, not everyone has the shape and temperament of European and American actresses.How to learn from the fashion elements of the European and American markets suitable for ourselves?

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Look at magazines: You can find inspiration from major fashion magazines, continuously study the trend of seasonal fashion, and observe, reference, and learn the style of European and American actresses.

Pay attention to details: The design styles of European and American style of sexy underwear are mostly focused on details. Usually these styles are unique and have distinctive personality, emphasizing factors such as color, fabric, design and accessories.Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the choice of design elements and accessories.

The first choice of black and white: Many of the sexy underwear design in Europe and the United States is mainly black and white as the main color, because the black and white color matching is very thin, and it is easy to shape a tall figure.

Brand recommendation: From cost -effective to quality, the choice of different brands

As we all know, the current sex underwear market is fiercely competitive and there are many brands.Choosing a brand that suits you is still important for satisfying comfort and fashion needs.The following brands are more popular brands in recent years, with relatively high quality and price ratio.

Recommended brands of Opinion Leaders: Frederick ’s of Hollywood, Wolford, La Perla and other European and American brands, Hey Honey and other Korean brands.

Middle brand recommendation: I.D.SARRIERI, Agent Provocateur, Coco de Mer and other brands.

High cost -effective brands: Jennyfer, H & M, 1010 Lingerie, Bai Mu, Aimer, Shalin, etc.

Sexy underwear wearing: How to match the clothes that suits you?

The matching of sexy underwear and other clothing seems to be very single, but when you wear diverse and properly set off your own beautiful curve, you will find that the matching of sexy underwear is also fun.

For matching styles: low -cut, large sleeve tops and perspective fish net socks are our common matching methods.Select the suitable items to match according to the style of sex lingerie.

Color harmonious matching: Especially the clothes such as kimono, strap and other shoulders and backs exposed to more clothes. It is best not to have a strong contrast with the color of the sexy underwear, so as not to cause visual discord.

Diverse match: In addition to wearing underwear, you can also match the sexy underwear in a transparent cover and expose it. When participating in the party or private parties, it is most suitable.

How to maintain sexy underwear and keep them good quality?

As a personal clothing, the correct maintenance method can ensure its good quality, and it can also delay its service life.

Handwashing: It is best to wash it by hand, rub it gently and dry it naturally.Washing using washing machine may wear up the details of sexy underwear.

Use special cleaning agent: Do not use ordinary cleaner, let alone bleach.

Category storage: It is best to store separately from other clothes. Do not store it with clothing with too much color.

Fashion Trend: How to wear sexy underwear in 2021?

In the changing fashion market, erotic underwear will inevitably be affected and changes. Understanding the fashion trend of emotional lingerie can keep you at the cutting -edge of fashion.

Vestning bra: Also known as bralette corset, the inner pants are mainly material, the fit is close to it, it is comfortable to wear, suitable for high -waisted skirts, thin coats, etc.You can wear a casual jacket this year.

Treasure underwear: Integrate gold, silver, and diamonds into the underwear design to create a high -end and luxurious gem underwear.

Unique cutting: In the underwear design, the tailoring of brand logo or brand name elements is called this year’s trend.

Wearing underwear: The latest trend is to make sexy underwear as a single product.

Common problems: What are the ways to wear common sexy underwear?

As an emerging market, there are many ways to wear sexy underwear. You do n’t have to worry about it when you encounter appreciation. Here we will share some common questions for everyone.

How to wear a bra?: Divided into four ways: front buckle, strap can be removed, back straps, and shoulder straps.

How to wear pantyhose?: Whether it is boat socks, short socks, or panties and socks, we wear it on your feet, and then slowly lift it to fixation.

How to wear lace underwear?: Pay attention to the position of the underwear when wearing the position of the hip, and don’t be too tight.


Interest underwear can be sexy or comfortable. Whether you are buying, wearing, and maintenance, in summary, this article shares all kinds of sexy underwear offensive and defensive suggestions step by step. I hope to help you changeChoose and wear fun underwear.When choosing, you should combine your own needs and budget options, which is the best for you.