Sexy underwear making machine video Daquan

Sexy underwear making machine video Daquan

Sexy underwear making machine video Daquan

1. Select the machine

Sex underwear making machines can automatically select suitable fabrics, cut into the shape of the required shape according to the design pattern.

2. Automatic sewing

The machine can automatically complete the sewing of the underwear to ensure accuracy and quality.No manual intervention is required, automatically complete.

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3. Positioning weaving

The machine can weave the lace and pattern according to the design pattern, and weave the corresponding lines and colors as needed.

4. Precision detection

Interesting underwear production machines will perform automated testing, including the precision of suture and the processing of the head head.

5. Automatic control

The machine can automatically control the required process, and the program can set the program to operate differently for different design.

6. Automatic Quality Inspection

The machine can complete the automation quality inspection process to ensure the quality and appearance of the product.

7. Intelligence


Interesting underwear production machines have an intelligent control system that can automatically transmit data, and automatically processed according to the designer’s input.

8. Speed advantage

Compared with artificially production, sexy underwear production machines can greatly improve the speed and shorten the production cycle.

9. Reduce labor cost

The use of sexy underwear making machines can reduce its dependence on manpower and reduce corresponding costs.

10. Significantly improve efficiency

The rapid production and intelligent production of machines can greatly improve efficiency, which guarantees the number of products.


The use of sexy underwear production machines has a great effect on the entire industrial chain, which can increase the number of products, increase production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality and appearance of the product.In the future, its application scope will become more and more extensive.