Sexy underwear 34P

Sexy underwear 34P

What is "sexy underwear"

The word "sexy underwear" is translated from the Japanese "ラ ン ジェ リ ー セ ッ ト".It includes various styles of underwear, socks and even sex toys, which are mainly used for sex occasions or increased sexy atmosphere.Unlike ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to design and visual effects, which can make women more confident and charming in special occasions.

Basic styles in 34p series

There are many styles of sexy underwear, but some basic styles are worth mentioning.The 34P series is one of them. It consists of bras and underwear. The color and patterns of the entire underwear are the same. The most significant feature is that the bras and panties are equipped with a perfect proportional small tone.

Sexual Emotional Innerwear Material Selection

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Sexual feelings are critical, because this is related to the comfort and effect of use.The material choice of sex underwear requires more considering the needs of "sexy" and "temptation".

The style of the bra and the chest shape

Different women have different chest shapes, so when choosing the right sexy underwear, you need to consider the combination of your chest and bra.For different chest shapes with a suitable sex bra, the chest can be more beautiful.

Interest underwear matching in various occasions

The sexy lingerie in different occasions is also different.Under the occasion of evening dresses, low -cut clothes and professional clothes, you need to choose different erotic underwear according to the needs of the wearing.

Falling underwear wearing posture

The correct posture can not only better reflect the design and effect of sexy underwear, but also reduce the discomfort during wear.For example, the position of a fixed cup cover is very important.

The matching of sexy underwear and bra

Sexy underwear and bras are equally important.If you do not consider the design and style of the bras when choosing a underwear, then the matching of the two will make a mistake.

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Tips for maintaining sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, because they are usually used for sexy occasions and require more detailed care.For example, when cleaning and preservation of sexy underwear, you need to perform in a specific way.

Features of sexy underwear of each brand

There are many brands of sexy underwear on the market, and the characteristics and styles of each brand are different.If you want to create a unique sexy style, you need to understand the characteristics of the sexy underwear of each brand in order to make the most suitable choice.

The natural beauty of sexy underwear

With the continuous development and maturity of color printing technology, the design of sexy underwear is becoming more and more beautiful.The design of sexy underwear is different, but it can quickly present women’s body lines from all angles and show the natural beauty of women.This is also one of the reasons why sexy underwear is constantly popular.

in conclusion

In general, sexy underwear is not just sexual toys. It is a sign that women express themselves and personality in their lives. They are a gift for themselves and a way to enjoy themselves.Only by considering material, style, matching and maintenance can we find a sexy underwear that suits you.