Sexy lingerie jade legs jade feet

Sexy lingerie jade legs jade feet


Most women want to have a pair of beautiful legs and delicate jade feet.In this era, sexy underwear is not only a tool for satisfying eroticism, it can also help you show the jade legs and jade feet.Let’s take a look at how to choose and match the sexy underwear to show the perfect leg lines.

First understand the material selection of sexy underwear

The material choice of sexy underwear is very important because it will directly contact your skin.Some high -quality materials, such as silk and lace, can make your skin breathe and make you more comfortable.And some cheap materials, such as nylon, will make you feel breathable and affect your dressing experience.

Choice of pantyhose

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Pantyhose is a magic weapon to show jade legs.You should choose high -quality, suitable sizes of pantyhose.If your pantyhose is too small, it will lead to Lexian and discomfort, and too large pantyhose will shrink to the knee.In addition, pantyhose with similar color and complexion is undoubtedly the best choice.

High -heeled shoes will make you more sexy

High -heeled shoes help you get out of the pace of immortality and make your figure more beautiful.With high heels with suitable sizes, it can make your ankle, calf and thigh lines more beautiful.Pay attention to choosing the right height and thickness. Excessive or detailed high heels will hurt your feet.

Charming stockings

Stockings can make you sexy and charming in an instant.If your waist is thinner, you can choose a hanging strap hooking on the waist, and if your waist is a little fat, you can choose a suspender that does not hook the waist.In addition, you also need to be equipped with pantyhose with the same color. On the one hand, you can avoid hooking the tights after hooking the suspender to slide. On the other hand, it will make your legs more slender.

Stockings and skirts make your legs look more stylish

Stockings and skirts are another good choice to show body lines.You can choose a skirt that suits you, as long as you match with stockings.Choose thin and light clothes, and the glossy stockings can naturally highlight your beautiful legs and show a slim figure.

Warm stockings

In the cold season, stockings are your savior.You can choose to squeeze well with good socks to make your beautiful legs more prominent.You can also match them with your mini skirt to make your beautiful legs and knees higher.


Perfect shorts

For hot summer, shorts can easily show your leg lines.You should choose a suitable size of shorts. If it is too tight, it will oppress your lines, and Taisong will affect your overall image.In addition, you can match them with short boots or high heels to make your leg lines more elegant.

Stovepipe beauty cream

If you want to make your jade legs more charming, you may wish to consider the skinny leg cream.These products can make your legs lighter and charming by activating lymphatic and blood circulation.Choose high -quality products, and use massage to use, the effect is better.

in conclusion

It requires some skills and methods to show jade legs and jade feet.Choose the right sexy underwear, pantyhose and shoes to make your lines more perfect.Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also an important factor in showing jade legs.I hope these techniques can help you show the perfect leg lines.