Sexy lingerie female glow map

Sexy lingerie female glow map

Sexy lingerie female glow map

In modern times, sex underwear has become an important accessories for women. In addition to meeting women’s sexual needs, it can also enhance women’s beauty and self -confidence.However, at the same time, some improper way of dressing can also lead to the appearance of sexy lingerie women.This article will introduce it from the aspects of buying, dressing, etc., how to avoid the occurrence of sexy lingerie women to take out the occurrence of light maps.

1. Precautions before buying

First of all, when buying sexy underwear, you must choose the appropriate size underwear. Do not buy too large or too small underwear because of greed for cheapness.Too large underwear is easy to slide, while too small underwear is not suitable for the curve of the body, and it is easy to crack in action.

2. Material selection of underwear

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Secondly, it is also important to choose the material of sexy underwear.Some cheap underwear often use thin but not strong fabrics, and it is easy to damage in daily wear and exercise.Such sexy underwear, even if it was originally appropriate, may have a female glow after long -term wear.

3. The way to wear sex underwear

Of course, the reason for the problem of the sex of sexy underwear women is not only the quality of the underwear, but also related to the way of wear.It is mainly because the design of sexy underwear is generally more sexy, and wearing women’s wearing skills and comfort is more than ordinary underwear.

4. The gesture when wearing

When wearing underwear, women should pay special attention to their posture to avoid excessive pursuit of sexy and use excessive curves.This will lead to the shift of the underwear and form a sexy lingerie woman to take a light map, causing visually not beautiful.

5. Sexy underwear with clothing wear

In addition, when wearing underwear, you should also pay attention to the matching of underwear and clothes, especially when wearing thin clothes in summer, choose the right erotic underwear to avoid embarrassment because of the incomplete female light map.

6. Maintenance of underwear

In the daily maintenance process, women also pay special attention to the cleaning and maintenance methods of sexy underwear.Some underwear materials are special and need special ways when washing.If the inappropriate washing method is used, the life of the underwear will be shortened, it is easy to fall off, and it is easy to produce the situation of the sexy lingerie.

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7. The clever maintenance artist

If the sexual underwear women take the light map during the use process, you can find professional maintenance artists for repair, so as not to worsen the simple problems due to improper maintenance methods.

8. underwear insurance

As for those who pay attention to sexy underwear and have insured experience, you can also choose sexy underwear insurance to avoid the glowing of the underwear.This type of insurance can generally cover the purchase and maintenance of sexy underwear.


In short, sexy lingerie women take light maps on women’s image and psychology to a certain extent.Therefore, in the process of buying, wearing, repairing, etc., you need to pay attention to details, and strive to avoid the appearance of women in sex underwear, maintaining the corresponding beauty and dignity.