Selling sexy underwear in idle fish

Selling sexy underwear in idle fish

The market demand for selling idle underwear cannot be ignored

With the increasing diversification and openness of society, more and more people have begun to accept and try sex toys and sexy underwear.In this context, idle erotic underwear has also become a market product.Many people choose to sell the homeless underwear that no longer need or pass through the second -hand goods trading platforms such as Xianyu, which also provides a choice for those who need it and are sensitive.

Ask the market value of the lingerie underwear

If you intend to sell your own sexy underwear on your idle fish, the best way is to search for the average price of the market for the same type of items on the website.This can help you better pricing and make your products more attractive.In addition, it is best to consider price elasticity and competition.If the price is too low, you can also consider finding other platforms.For example, Taobao, Pinduoduo, etc. There are also many people selling sexy underwear.

Pay attention to the cleaning problem of idle sex lingerie

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Before selling sexy underwear, be sure to understand the fabrics and materials of this style of underwear and wash and disinfect it.It is not feasible to use bleach water underwear, because it will destroy sterilization, remove the weak acidic properties of odor and beauty.You should choose professional sex toys and sexy underwear cleaning products to ensure that the skin is exempted from infection and other health problems.

Don’t show photos of bare chest and lower body in the window

When selling sexy underwear on leisure fish, do not show photos of bare chest and lower body in the window.This violates the provisions of the idle fish website and will also have an impact on those who do not have the concepts of content specifications.When showing photos, pay attention that the photos should be related to the underwear as possible. Do not expose it excessively. It highlights the beauty and characteristics of clothing, and provides shoppers with a more authentic and comfortable shopping experience.

Write a detailed product description

In addition to photos, good product descriptions can also help you get more buyers.When describing the product, you should be detailed and accurate, and pay attention to the adjectives and colors.In addition, remember to indicate important information such as materials, sizes, accessories, so that the buyer does not need to ask you any questions. Or confirm, thereby bringing additional transaction volume.

Seller tools can improve sales data

There are many seller tools on leisure fish, which can greatly improve your sales data.For example, easy -to -use customer management tools allow you to better track the platform’s inquiries and order information, sources and intentions, thereby increasing the sales rate on the platform.In addition, some automated trading tools can even help you manage transaction data more easily and leave a positive evaluation for buyers.

Standardize the transaction and increase customer trust

Making customers satisfied is the most important.If you sell sexy underwear on leisure fish, it is best to provide good and standardized customer service.When you reach a transaction with a trading partner, it is best to use the trading protection measures of the idle fish platform to verify the supplier and make sure that you send the product after receiving the payment.Through these standardized behaviors, you can continuously improve your credibility and increase the trust of buyers, thereby further increasing the sales rate.


Pay attention to the suspension problem of underwear

As an open community, leisure fish also has its own internal regulations. It is forbidden to sell unfair products such as meat, weapons and drugs.For some individual cases, leisure fish may be checked separately, and then consider whether to allow some unsatisfactory information in the form of transactions.As a seller, pay special attention to the legality of the product and the legal restrictions of the platform to avoid the occurrence of the idle fish platform ban and ticket.

Create personality recommendations in combination with fashion elements

To successfully sell a sexy underwear on leisure fish, you need to continue to promote yourself.You can combine the popular elements of the season, or use sexy and fashion as a selling point to show your unique personality and establish your own influence.In addition, appropriate use of pictures, colors and titles with strong personality can also make your products more attractive. With such a style and gas field, you will not become an anonymous seller.

in conclusion

As a niche product, idle sexy underwear, but as people’s understanding of feelings, sex, health, and venting gradually deepen, its market demand has continued to grow.If you have some sexy underwear for a long time at home, or you just bought it, you don’t like it, try to send them to the idle fish for sale.By matching your products and contacting normal trading partners, and providing real and accurate pre -sale after -sales service, you also have the opportunity to become an influential sexy underwear seller.