Park Ni 朴 VIP sex underwear

Park Ni 朴 VIP sex underwear

Park Ni 朴 VIP sex underwear


Pu Ni VIP sex underwear is a brand of Park Nidi Company, focusing on the design, production and sales of sexy underwear.The brand’s underwear is diverse and high -quality, so that every woman can find underwear that suits them here.Moreover, the brand’s underwear style is mostly sexy and hot, which is very suitable for women who want to show feminine charm.

brand speciality

The biggest feature of Pu Ni VIP sex underwear is Sexy, cute, warm, charming, and each style can reflect the characteristics of women.At the same time, its underwear has a wide range of sizes and can meet the needs of different women.In addition, the brand’s underwear is highly quality, comfortable and durable.

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Style classification

There are many styles of Pu Ni VIP sex underwear, which can be selected according to factors such as occasions, personal styles.The following is a few common styles:


The daily type is suitable for underwear that is usually wearing, with ordinary style, but there is no lack of beauty.Some small fresh elements are usually added to make you feel fresh and natural when you are wearing, and it is very suitable for daily wear.


The temptation type is underwear with sexy and charming style. It often uses elements such as lace, perspective, and is more suitable for use in special occasions or when it is private with a partner.


Comfortable underwear emphasizes comfort and fit. It is suitable for daily wear. It will never bind marks, tears or fall off the problem, and can better reflect the brand quality of the brand.

How to choose the right size

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The choice of underwear size is very critical. You must buy according to your physical condition.Under normal circumstances, you can measure your underwear size by the following ways:

1. Measure the upper bust

Use the soft ruler to close the body and measure the highest point of the upper bust to obtain the rough bust size.

2. Measure the lower bust

Similarly, the lowest point of the soft ruler and horizontal measurement is measured to get the size of the lower bust.In addition, pay attention to try not to inhale or blow as much as possible, because the measured data is not accurate.

3. Select the size according to the measurement results

Select the underwear size according to the results of the measured. Do not choose the wrong size because you prefer a certain style or color.The size of different brands may be different. Pay attention to check the corresponding table of the brand’s size and make appropriate choices.

Price range

The price of Pu Ni VIP sex underwear ranges from 100 yuan to 500 yuan. The specific price depends on factors such as styles and materials.Compared to other brands, the price of Park Ni -唛 VIP sex underwear is not expensive, and it is very cost -effective.

How to maintain underwear

Good underwear needs to be maintained with careful maintenance, which can extend the service life.The following is the maintenance method of several underwear:

1. Hand washing

Underwear is best to wash hand in hand, do not wash it with a washing machine.The water temperature of hand washed should be below 30 ° C, and a special underwear cleaning agent can be used in an appropriate amount.

2. Air drying

Underwear should not be placed directly in the sun, and you should choose to dry it in a ventilated place.At the same time, do not use the dryer to dry underwear, which will cause damage to the underwear material and affect the service life.

3. Storage precautions

Storage underwear in a cool and dry place, do not stack the underwear to avoid deformation.It is recommended to store different styles of underwear in different drawers for easy use.

in conclusion

Pu Ni VIP sex underwear is a very cost -effective, high -quality and rich underwear brand.No matter what style of underwear you want, you can find a style that suits you here.In addition, it is also very important to pay attention to maintaining underwear. Only good maintenance methods can extend the life of the underwear.