How to provoke women’s sexy underwear

How to provoke women's sexy underwear

How to provoke women’s sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an important prop to increase interest and sexy sex. Wearing sexy underwear makes women feel more confident and feminine.So, how to provoke women’s sexy underwear?

1. Starting from style -style is the first step to attract the eyeball

Different styles are suitable for different occasions and atmosphere.There are sweet -faced smile patterns, exposed sexy back -back and transparent.Choosing a gentle and sweet school can make women feel more cute and warm; choosing a more intense back -back and transparent type can make women feel more sexy and enthusiastic.

2. Starting from color -Different colors represent different emotions

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Different colors have different symbolic significance: black represents mysterious, mature, and red represents sexy and tease.Therefore, when choosing the color of sexy underwear, you can choose according to the temperament and personality of women.For example, if she prefers romantic and gentle, she can choose soft pink or blue; if she is more enthusiastic and bold, she can choose sexy red or black.

3. Depart from material -Materials are the key to comfort

The material of sexy underwear determines their comfort, and it is as important as comfort and fashion.You can choose the material according to the seasons. For example, you can choose cotton or silk in summer, and you can choose thick velvet material in winter.

4. Starting from the size -The appropriate size is the prerequisite for wearing sexy underwear

Wearing inappropriate sizes will not only affect the sexy effects of sexy underwear, but also make women’s physical discomfort.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear, pay special attention to the selection of the size, and it is best to let her choose it by herself.

5. At least one set of black color erotic underwear

Black is a sexy and mysterious representative color, and is common in fashion, and women of various skin tone are suitable for wearing black sexy lingerie.Therefore, at least there must be a set of black erotic underwear.

6. Metal -quality decorations add sexy charm

In the design of sexy underwear, decorations are an indispensable element.Town ornaments such as pearls and crystals make sexy underwear more high -end atmosphere; and metal decoration can increase sexy charm.

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7. Exquisite lace enhances female charm

Lace is a very classic element. Combining lace and sexy underwear can create a very feminine effect.Whether it is a half -cup -style sexy underwear full of lace lace, or a deep -V -neck, a split queen Fan Er’s sexy underwear, it can add endless charm to women.

8. Match in a naughty and pretty way

If women want to increase the taste of matching, they can add a naughty atmosphere through some small props, such as bow and stripe socks.

in conclusion:

The above is the eight tips for provoking women’s sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, the key is to choose the appropriate style, color, size, material, and decorative elements according to the temperament, character, season and occasion of women. In terms of matching, you should try to turn a small sexy and small element.Note that sexy underwear has high requirements for figure. It is recommended to choose as much as possible when buying.