Golden Silk Luo Tian Yitian is sour and sexy underwear?

Golden Silk Luo Tian Yitian is sour and sexy underwear?


1. Overview of Jinshi Lottestan

Jinsquan Luotian is a sexy and romantic sexy underwear based on sour and sexy underwear. It is based on red and black, and it is intertwined with soft lace to the silk. The texture is good.This sexy underwear includes bra, G-String, socks, etc., showing a beautiful woman curve with low-cut, back, and high-waisted design.

2. Golden Silk Lotte’s requirements for the body according to sour and sexy underwear

Although Jinsquan Luotian is designed with a beautiful and sexy underwear, it has higher requirements on the body of the wearer.The wearer needs to have a more fit body, especially the back and abdominal lines.At the same time, with high -heeled shoes is an important supplement, making the image of the entire wearer more perfect.

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3. How to choose the sour and sexy underwear size that suits you?

Choosing a sexy underwear size that suits you can make the wearer feel to the greatest extent.First of all, you must know that your body data such as bust and waist circumference can be selected with data guidance provided by the merchant.At the same time, you can also consider your body shape and preferences, and choose the sexy underwear that is best for you.

4. How to match Jinshaloto and Sour Sour Funwear?

Although the design of Jin Si Luo Tian is eye -catching, the matching is an important aspect of choosing the style of the wearer.The matching style can refer to the underwear with a guide, with the suitable dress, skirt or jeans, supplemented by suitable shoes, which can make the overall match more beautiful.

5. Cleaning method of Jinshi Luo Tian according to sour and interesting underwear?

The best choice for washing is hand -washing. If you need to wash it, choose low temperature water washing, and you cannot use bleach and soft agent.After washing, it is recommended to wire water, and then air dry naturally while avoiding drying under the sun, otherwise it will affect its material and color.


Jinshi Luo Tian Yitian is a sexy underwear selected to enhance sexual interests between couples to enhance sexual interests.In addition, the purchase and dressing of this sexy underwear also requires a certain aesthetic and cultural meaning, which is suitable for mature women.



The exquisite design of this sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in a romantic atmosphere. It can be worn in special festivals or occasions such as Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversary, which can make the whole atmosphere more warm and romantic.At the same time, you can also wear it at home or shoot in a professional studio.

8. Golden Silk Lotte’s price and purchase channels of sour and interesting underwear

As a boutique erotic underwear, the price of Jinshi Luo Tianyi is relatively high, generally between 300-1000 yuan, and the price of different sizes is also different.The purchase channels can be purchased on major e -commerce platforms or adult products stores.


Jinshi Luo Tian Yitian Yiyi is a sexy underwear brand that was established earlier and has a certain reputation at home and abroad.The brand mainly focuses on sexy, beautiful and comfortable concepts. It focuses on the design and production of sexy underwear, and is loved by some female consumers.


Jinsquan Luotian, according to its high -quality design and material, has attracted the attention of many female consumers.On the whole, the design sense and beauty of this sexy underwear are relatively high -level, and it is easy to wear, which increases sexual interest and has a high cost performance.Personally, it is a sexy underwear worth starting.