Female thermal evaluation of fun jackets

Female thermal evaluation of fun jackets

As a girl who has special love for sexy underwear, I have recently started to evaluate various types of sexy underwear, including beauty sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic lingerie, European and American sexy underwear.This article is my evaluation of all kinds of sexy underwear and sharing my opinion and experience.

Sexy lingerie style

The first sexy underwear type to be introduced is style.From the perspective of style, sexy underwear can be roughly divided into the following:

H2 style 1: lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a classic sexy lingerie style.The lace fabric is soft and transparent, showing women’s coquettishness and sexy.In my opinion, lace sexy underwear is suitable for nude, red, black and other tones, which are suitable for matching elements such as high heels and earrings.Putting on lace sexy underwear, as if your body has become more charming.

H2 style two: teasing sexy underwear

Negotorious underwear is known for its unique design style.They usually have different details and designs, such as unique open design or colorful and exaggerated patterns.This sexy lingerie style is really eye -catching, bringing people a new emotional experience.

H2 style three: corset and sexy underwear

Ollast and sexy underwear can make the chest more plump, and many girls like this style.They are different from ordinary bras, charming and sexy without losing cuteness.This sexy underwear is very suitable for girls who want to emphasize the curve.

Sexy underwear fabric

The second one is to introduce the fabric.For sexy underwear, fabrics are an extremely important choice.Good fabrics can ensure texture, not easy to slide and expose, and can give people a higher sense of comfort.

H2 fabric one: silk

Silk is an elegant and smooth fabric, which often appears in sexy underwear.This fabric is poorly breathable and is usually mixed with other fabrics to improve its comfort.

H2 fabric two: cotton

Cotton is the most common sexy underwear fabric, because it is soft and breathing, it can take good care of the skin and protect the skin.However, cotton -laceing underwear is not particularly common. This is because cotton fabrics have no charming charm and sexy atmosphere of lace fabrics compared to other fabrics.

H2 fabric three: leather

Leather erotic underwear is one of the high -end sexual erotic lingerie, which are generally made of leather or artificial leather.The leather material combines sexy and charm, which is suitable for exquisite and special occasions.

Sexy underwear color

The color of sexy underwear is the key.The color will affect your mood, and at the same time it shows the symbol of sexy and elegance. Here are a few colorful lingerie colors.

H2 color one: black

Black is the personal favorite color in the customization of sexy lingerie, and it is also a color related to sex, luxury and hidden.Black usually lacks bright and obvious charm, and more is a noble, sexy, and mysterious atmosphere.

H2 color two: red

Red is the most seductive and desire, and is the most attractive color in the color of sex underwear.Red is often related to emotions and can show a personality charm well.

H2 color three: nude color

Nude color is a very soft color. Many sexy underwear is selected as a nude style.The nude design is clever and simple, giving a sense of intuitive dating.

Matching skills

In addition to the above evaluation points, the matching skills of sexy underwear also need to be introduced.Here are some sexual lingerie matching skills:

H2 Skills 1: Match high -heeled shoes

Interest underwear and high heels are a good match, because both fashion elements can increase women’s confidence and charm.High -heeled shoes can modify the leg shape, reduce the burden on the waist, and increase temperament.

H2 Skills 2: Earrings with earrings

Earrings are one of the most hairy accessories.Good earrings can make women more sexy, increase confidence and charm.They can be matched with sexy underwear to increase mystery and surprise.

H2 Skills 3: Paired with a transparent gauze skirt

Transparent gauze skirts are usually matched with sexy underwear.This style of women is gentle like a fairy, and the fragrance is euphemistic.With a transparent gauze skirt, the sexy and elegance of a woman can be displayed.


For me, erotic underwear is not only a dress that is put on, but also a strategy to increase its self -confidence and charm. Proper sexy underwear is matched, which can make women more sexy and charming, and at the same time increase women.Confidence and confidence.I hope that the styles, fabrics and matching skills of the above -mentioned erotic underwear are suitable for you, and can bring inspiration and hope to the majority of female friends.

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