Dogs Influence underwear

Dogs Influence underwear

Dogs Influence underwear

In the world of pet enthusiasts, it is no longer a new thing with sexy underwear for pets.Whether it is a sexy style similar to the sexy underwear used by humans, or a small fresh style with interesting elements, it is one of the ways of pet owners to pursue pet fashion.In various types of pet sexy underwear, dogs’ sexy underwear is particularly attractive.In this article, we will introduce you to the classification, selection and matching suggestions and precautions of the dog’s sexy underwear.


There are many types of dogs’ sexy underwear, which can generally be divided into the following categories:

1. Wedding category

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This type of sexy underwear is very suitable for those who like to dress up for small and medium -sized dogs.Dogs and dresses with flowers, ribbons, lace and jewelry are particularly suitable for a lot of money at wedding or birthday party to add a special sense of ritual to your pet.

2. Pink tender series

This series of sexy underwear is very popular on the market, and its color is mainly pink.The shapes include lace, bow, cute heart pattern, etc., making your pet look more cute.Such sexy underwear is very suitable for those bitches, and wearing it during menstruation will make it more comfortable.

3. Series with cute decoration

This type of sexy underwear usually has small decorations, such as fluff, small collar, tie, necklace, etc., making your pet look cute and charming.This type of sexy underwear is suitable for use at some small gatherings or parties to increase their cuteness.

Choose and match suggestions

1. Select the right size

When choosing a dog’s sexy underwear, make sure you choose the right size, because comfort and suitable for dogs are the most important.If the underwear is tight than the dog’s body, it is difficult to breathe and move, and the pants are too long will cause the dog to fall and be tripped.

2. Choose underwear according to dog skin material

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Different dog skin types also need to choose different materials to confirm that they can comfortably wear sexy underwear.For skin -sensitive dogs, you should choose cotton underwear to avoid excessive stimulation of the skin.

3. Choose according to taste

For dogs of different flavors, you also need to choose different erotic underwear.Some dogs like simple and elegant designs, while others like bright and exaggerated designs.To understand your dog’s taste, choosing the corresponding sexy underwear will be more suitable.


1. Make sure clean

If you are ready to change them every day, make sure they are clean and disinfected.For sexy underwear, it is recommended to use mildly irritating cleaners to gently wash to avoid using too strong detergents, which will cause pet skin sensitivity.

2. Avoid over -wearing

When choosing the number and time of sexy underwear, do not wear too much, otherwise it will affect or cause the dog’s discomfort, adverse reactions and skin diseases.Pets should have enough time to rest and move, otherwise they will cause health problems.


Give a set of sexy underwear is not only a new popularity for the emotional sublimation of the pet owner, but it is indeed a new popularity of many pet enthusiasts.However, when buying, choosing, wearing, and managing, you must pay attention to the comfort and safety of pets. Do not simply pursue the superficial and fashionable sense of fashion.The most important thing is to enjoy the companionship and happiness brought by pets, so that it will share life with you in a healthy, happy and comfortable state.