Do you wear sexy underwear and bra?

Do you wear sexy underwear and bra?

Do you wear sexy underwear and bra?

As a representative of women’s underwear and bra, it has been integrated into women’s daily life.However, many people will be confused when wearing sexy underwear: Do you wear sex underwear and bra?This question is actually not simple. Let’s answer them one by one.

1. The difference between sexy underwear and bra

Although sexy underwear and bras belong to women’s underwear, their purpose and design concept are different.The bras are mainly to support and cover, while sexy underwear reflects the sexy and charm of women more.

2. Do you need to wear a branches in sexy underwear?

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When wearing a sexy underwear, whether to wear bras need to wear the design and personal experience of sexy underwear.The design of some sexy underwear has bras, and their own inner orbinals and pads can replace the bras of the bra. Some sexy underwear does not have the inner orchids and pads. When wearing it, you need to cooperate with the bra to ensure the support and protection of the chest.

3. Whether the design of sexy underwear can completely replace the bra

Although there are some sexy underwear with their own bra, their support and protection are still not as good as professional bra.In addition, some sexy underwear is sexy, but the compression of the bones and bones is also large when wearing. It is necessary to have a comfortable and supportable underwear for matching.Therefore, it is impossible to ensure that the design of sexy underwear can completely replace the bra.

4. Whether the people wearing sexy underwear are suitable for wearing branches

People wearing sexy underwear include low -necked underwear, transparent lace, back underwear.Many times, these designs are more sexy and may also affect the wear of ordinary bras.Therefore, if you intend to wear these sexy underwear, it is best to choose a special underwear such as non -trace bras or chest stickers.

5. The importance of the matching of underwear and sexy underwear

Whether it is the underwear in women’s daily life or sexy underwear, the importance of matching cannot be ignored.Suitable underwear and sexy underwear can make the body lines more beautiful. Similarly, inappropriate combinations will also make the overall feel greatly reduced.

6. Choose the technique of choosing underwear and sexy underwear

When choosing underwear and sexy underwear, you need to match it according to your body and preference.Generally speaking, women with full body can choose some lace -style small chest lining sexy underwear; women with large chests need to find better supportive support and comfortable bra.

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7. Maintenance of underwear and sexy underwear

Underwear and sexy underwear need to be replaced and cleaned frequently.In terms of maintenance, both need to use cold water cleaning and hand washing.For sexy underwear, different materials need to have different washing methods. It is recommended to consult a store or inquire about inquiry instructions when purchasing.

8. How to choose high -quality sexy underwear and bra

To choose high -quality underwear and sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to materials and craftsmanship.Generally speaking, underwear and sexy underwear such as cotton, silk, lace and other high -quality materials are more easily accepted by consumers.For crafts, we need to pay attention to comprehensive factors such as the tensile, softness, comfort and durability of the underwear.


Whether wearing a sexy underwear requires a bra, the answer does not have a certain conclusion.The key is the design and wearing experience of the underwear.Whether choosing underwear or sexy underwear, pay attention to matching and maintenance.If consumers can choose high -quality underwear and sexy underwear according to their own characteristics and needs, they will definitely make themselves more vivid and charming.